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u.bus GmbH Gesellschaft für regionale Entwicklung und europäisches Projektmanagement - Aufgabe: Zielgerichtete Planung und Steuerung der partnerschaftlichen Projektarbeit.
bildungsmarkt e.v. - Ein Unternehmen der beruflichen Aus- und Weiterbildung und der sozialen Dienstleistung in Berlin - Aufgabe: TN-Qualifizierung und Fachkräfteaustausch
Internationaler Bund Berlin - Ein Unternehmen der beruflichen Aus- und Weiterbildung und der sozialen Dienstleistung in Berlin - Aufgabe: TN-Qualifizierung und Fachkräfteaustausch

European regions

France, Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands

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Job destination airport participants spend ten weeks abroad in another European country. After a two week introduction to the language and culture, they spend eights weeks in on-the-job training. During their stay they are assisted by experienced partner organizations that have planned their visit:

Association EUROCIRCLE, Marseille

During the winter, many are drawn to the south. For that reason, and because our French partner EUROCIRCLE is more than prepared, the first group of job destination airport participants went to the harbor city of Marseille in 2010. At the end of February eight young adults began a two-week language and culture program to prepare them not only for their new day-to-day work environment in the following weeks. Whoever has had one taste of the cultural and culinary delicacies of the hip hop metropolis is loathe to leave again. Our associates at EUROCIRCLE, an organization that has arranged and overseen innumerable projects for young people in Europe, act as dependable contacts and are available to answer all questions during the entire stay. EUROCIRCLE also informs experts in vocational training and promoting employment about European support programs and initiates transnational cooperation programs that clearly link target groups and their communities.

Omnia, the Joint Authority of Education in the Espoo Region

Our partner organization Omnia is in Espoo, the second largest city in Finland and also a part of the capital region surrounding Helsinki. From the 1950s onwards, so many companies that operate on the international level have settled here that the population has since exploded from 22,000 to over 210,000. Espoo is particularly renowned as a technology center. Omnia, job destination airport’s partner institution, is no small fish in this pond: In four vocational training centers, currently 7,000 students are studying in all relevant sectors from audiovisual communication to shipbuilding. At the same time, Omnia acts as a civil administration; it is responsible for all matters related to vocational education in Espoo and Kirkkonummi. As a key educational organization, Omnia maintains excellent contacts to many local businesses.

Green Global, Stockholm

"Green Global" has been supporting the mobility on the European labor market since 1997. Their far-reaching corporate network allows them to support people from all over the world in their job search and ensure the right "matching" between companies and applicants. “Green Global” accompanies our participants during their work stay and gives them practical training in Stockholm.

Urkraft, Skellefteå

Beginning most likely in spring 2011, job destination airport participants will also have the opportunity of getting to know one of Sweden’s industrial hubs. Our partner Urkraft Service AB is a modern educational and consulting center in Skellefteå in the north of Sweden. Urkraft offers primarily young people vocational training and an opportunity to pursue their interests in various courses and projects. The focus of these projects are topics such as personal development, social responsibility and integration in the labor market. Urkraft has had many years of experience cooperating in European networks. Beginning in 2010 Urkraft will send young Swedes to vocational internships in other European countries including Germany.

Salus Re-Integratie BV

The Salus group operates in the Netherlands and in Belgium and for many years has dedicated itself to helping people with problems becoming integrated into the labor market to find long-term jobs in the primary labor market. In doing so, Salus works together closely with companies and municipal and state labor administrations. In 2010 and 2011, Salus offers job destination airport participants interesting on-the-job training opportunities in the provinces of Groningen and Friesland way in the north, Gelderland in the east and Brabant in the south of the Netherlands.

Werkcenter Nederland BV

Werkcenter Netherlands is a nationwide operating Social Corporation

that focuses on four target groups: unemployed and beneficiaries, production companies, employers and municipalities and the "UWV" (social insurance for workers).

Werkcenter is an approved professional training company (e.g. Kenteq, Calibris and ECABO certified). As a successful re-integration company, it has years of experience in supporting and coaching people with a (large) distance from the labor market,  with a personal bound budget (PGB), in social activation, social participation and with finding a regular, permanent job.
Werkcenter is also hired by commercial enterprises for the execution of production orders and the provision of personnel and / or secondments.

Our Werkcenter partner provides Internships in the internationally operating airport region of Rotterdam.